Fine Flavored Culinary Salts, Seasoning Blends, and Grilling Rubs

Our handcrafted flavored salts and seasoning blends bring delight to your table through a special process that infuses them with a variety of flavors, producing a flavor-forward experience that complements nearly any dish.

Bring your special recipes to another level with our garnishing salts that deliver an elevated visual and culinary experience. Or use our finishing salts at the table to add the final special touch to your family's favorite meals.

Award Winning Rubs

Congratulations to Railyard BBQ for taking FIRST PLACE at the Dallas County Ribeye Rumble Steak Competition and qualifying for the World Steak Cookoff using Abilene!

That success was followed up by GRAND CHAMPION at the Shenandoah Shendig using Raleigh on chicken!

We are thrilled to support such amazingly talented and passionate chefs. Keep up the great work!

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