Terri Wolters founder of Salted Perfection LLC


A Love of Salt and Zest for Life

Salted Perfection was born out of a passion for flavorful and creative cooking. Terri Wolters had always loved experimenting in the kitchen, blending herbs and spices to create unique seasoning blends. After making custom spice mixes as gifts for friends and family for years, in 2021, Terri's husband David convinced her to turn her hobby into a business.

And so, Salted Perfection was created right in Terri's home kitchen in Spring Lake, Michigan. Terri hand-blends all the products, using only natural, non-GMO ingredients sourced from local providers whenever possible. The business started small, with Terri selling her distinct salt blends with fun names like “Sweetheart That I Am” and “I’m Smokin’” at the popular Muskegon Farmers Market and other local craft fairs. The products quickly developed a devout local following thanks to Terri's proprietary flavor profiles.

As demand grew, David came on board full time to focus on branding and operations, allowing Terri to devote all her energy to recipe development and production. David handled branding the business from the start, helping with marketing materials and merchandising displays. He also managed operations as Salted Perfection expanded into regional retail stores in Western Michigan and grew its online sales through word-of-mouth and social media buzz.

Within the first year, the growth of Salted Perfection exceeded their expectations thanks to David's branding savvy and operational leadership combined with Terri's culinary creativity and sales expertise. Now, just two years in, the future looks bright. Their offerings have expanded to include grilling rubs and herb blends in addition to artisanal flavor infused sea salts. While growth continues, Terri and David remain dedicated to keeping Salted Perfection a hand-crafted business that uses ethical ingredients to help each customer Make Every Dish Memorable. The passionate personal touch that built this business from humble beginnings at the Muskegon Farmers Market remains at the heart of the Salted Perfection brand today.

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Boldly Charting

The Course Ahead

Today we craft multiple lines of amazing flavor-enhancing seasonings.

Our products are available directly from us here on our website and our retail presence continues to rapidly expand. If you have a favorite retailer you'd like to see us in, please recommend us to them!

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