Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking with Our Flavor-Infused Sea Salt and Seasoning Rubs Now at Earth's Edge in Grand Haven, Michigan!

Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking with Our Flavor-Infused Sea Salt and Seasoning Rubs Now at Earth's Edge in Grand Haven, Michigan!

We're excited to announce a thrilling partnership that will take your outdoor cooking to new heights! Our flavor-infused sea salts and Select Blends seasoning rubs are now available at Earth's Edge, the ultimate outdoor lifestyle store in Grand Haven, Michigan. At the intersection of adventure and flavor, this collaboration brings together the best of both worlds. In this blog post, we invite you to explore how our culinary creations can enhance your outdoor experiences and make your meals truly unforgettable.


Our flavor-infused sea salts are a marriage of natural, hand-harvested sea salt and the purest of flavors. Infused with herbs, spices, and other carefully selected ingredients, these salts elevate your outdoor cooking like never before. Whether you're grilling by the lakeside, camping in the woods, or embarking on an epic hiking adventure, our sea salts add a dash of gourmet goodness to your outdoor feasts.


Our seasoning rubs are a symphony of flavors carefully blended to create the perfect balance of taste and aroma. Designed for all types of outdoor cooking, from barbecues to campfire cooking, these rubs infuse your dishes with layers of deliciousness. Whether you prefer a smoky barbecue rub or a zesty citrus-infused blend, our rubs cater to every palate.


Earth's Edge is more than just an outdoor lifestyle store; it's a hub for adventure enthusiasts and those who appreciate the great outdoors. Located in the heart of Grand Haven, it's a place where you can gear up for your next outdoor escapade while also discovering high-quality products that enhance your outdoor experiences. From camping gear to outdoor apparel and now, our flavor-infused sea salts and seasoning rubs, Earth's Edge has it all.


When you visit Earth's Edge, you'll find our flavor-infused sea salts and seasoning rubs thoughtfully displayed among the outdoor equipment and provisions. These products are designed to complement your outdoor adventures, whether you're grilling under the open sky, seasoning your catch of the day, or adding a dash of flavor to your campfire cooking. Our commitment to quality means you can trust that each jar is packed with the finest ingredients and crafted with care.


We invite you to celebrate this exciting partnership with us. Visit Earth's Edge, explore our range of flavor-infused sea salts and seasoning rubs, and let your taste buds embark on a flavor journey like no other. Share your outdoor cooking adventures with us on social media using the hashtag #saltedperfection, and let us know how our products have added a delicious twist to your outdoor lifestyle.


Our collaboration with Earth's Edge is a testament to our commitment to bringing adventure and flavor together. We're thrilled to be part of your outdoor culinary experiences and to serve the vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at Earth's Edge, where adventure and flavor await!


Earth's Edge is located at 705 S. Beacon Blvd, Grand Haven, Michigan 49417. They are open Monday - Saturday 10 AM-8 PM, Sunday 12 - 5 PM 

Watch for flyers in the store announcing possible upcoming tasting and sampling events!

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