The Salted Perfection crew at the Muskegon Farmers Market

How to Start a Food Business

In October of 2021 I had a feeling that I could turn my love of salt into a business. The challenge was, how could I prove that people shared my love and wanted what I planned to sell?

With a startup of his own, my husband introduced me to an awesome business resource in Holland Michigan... SURGE by Lakeshore Advantage. I reached out to the Director, Amanda and she scheduled a video conference with Bryce (one of the mentors from SURGE). Bryce was excited and supportive of the business idea. He recommended that I look at selling my products at a farmers market to test the waters and work through some of the challenges that come with starting a food business.

I loved the idea and made a visit to the Muskegon Farmers Market the following Saturday. Every one of the vendors I met was so welcoming and encouraging that I decided then and there that I would return on the following Saturday and sell my salts!

That week was busy, to say the least, but I did return a week later with a full line of products and cute display. The first day was overwhelming and exhilarating. Most importantly, people loved my products and bought them!

It's been a year since that first day and I've made such great friends as a result of my involvement with the Farmers Market. The vendors are like family and we love our time together. A few of my buddies are Kathi with K.U. Kandles, Nancy with Nancy's Kitchen, Birch and Mystic of Mystic Maritza's, Dan with Lazy Dog Maple Products, and Lisa with Betty Jane's Sweets. If amazing farm-to-table proteins strike your fancy, you need to make a visit to Egeler Family Farm and chat with Allison and Eric.

And, one of my very first customers now works with me each Saturday in the booth! Lexi is a blessing to have on the team and is a customer favorite.

Attached to the Farmers Market is Kitchen 242, where I make all of my delicious products with help from the amazing Renee who is always ready to help in any way I need. 

What a year it's been! I'm so grateful for the resources that we have in West Michigan to help new businesses get off the ground. I can't imagine taking this journey without the support of all of the amazing mentors, farmers and vendors, and staff at the Muskegon Farmers Market and Kitchen 242. Thank you to all of you for your friendship, optimism, and support.

Thanks to all of my amazing customers, Salted Perfection continues to grow. My passion for salt is deeper now than ever before and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

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I am beyond excited to be part of this awesome journey. Family owned, made in Michigan and a farm to table philosophy makes Salted Perfection exceptional!

Renee Reeg

Honey, I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished in the past year! Amanda is right, you hustle. Keep up the great work and I’m glad you allow me to be a small part of the journey.

David Wolters

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