Terri Wolters with salt flats in background

Travel Brings About the Best Serendipity!

I'm still on cloud nine after our recent trip overseas!

My husband and I recently traveled to Portugal which is such an amazing country. If you ever have the chance to visit we highly recommend it. The beauty of the land and people is like nowhere else. The reason for our trip was to visit our son who was living there and working as a kiteboarding instructor.

One night all of the instructors gathered for a group meal and graciously invited us to join. Along with some nice bottles of wine, I brought along my Chili Lime Finishing Salt and it was the perfect complement to the homemade guacamole and chips. All of the instructors raved about the salt and asked if we had been to the salt flats nearby.

We decided on the spot that we had to visit and it just so happened that the very next day was the perfect opportunity.

The salt flats were amazing and we were enthralled with the beauty and craft that goes into extracting the salt from the pure artesian well water. As we wandered, we crossed paths with Andre and Claudia who introduced us to Emilia, whose family has been producing salt here for over 150 years.

Portugal salt flats

Emilia's husband Fernando hand-makes all of the salt that this family owned business produces and their sons oversee the business end of the operation. Their facility is one of a kind and charming beyond belief. And the salt. Let me tell you about the salt!

The product that they are famous for is called "Flower of Salt." It is delicate, flaky, and perfect for adding to dishes just before serving them. It is also perfect for my unique flavor infusion process.

Flower of Salt

I'm thrilled to share that we are working toward importing this unique salt directly so we can introduce it to the United States. The special properties of this artesian salt lend it to a completely unique way of dispensing it onto food and I can't wait to share it with you.

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