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Cinnamon Vanilla Finishing Salt

Cinnamon Vanilla Finishing Salt

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Sweet and savory for the win.

Sprinkle over both sweet and savory dishes to create the perfect combination of sweet & salty. This is an awesome topper to sweet potatoes, vanilla ice cream, almond cookies, apple pie, and bread pudding with whisky sauce.

Absolutely fabulous for rimming Appletini glasses!

All natural, no preservatives, no GMOs, no additives, no artificial flavorings

Sea salt, cinnamon, and vanilla

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delicious and versatile

We bought several sample packs at the farmers market, but this one is my favorite. They are all amazing! This one I use daily in my yogurt bowls as well as on ice cream, berries, peanut butter bowls, and even in coffee. I will be frequenting this company for all my salt needs. Every single one is delicious and adds such depth to each dish.




Very unique. Obvious applications include baking purposes. Favorite application- sprinkled on top of triple chocolate gelato from Aldi.

YESSSSS! Thanks for sharing the pro tip!

Unexpectedly Yummy!

I received a packet of the cinnamon vanilla as an added bonus when I bought 4 jars of salt and I put it in my coffee and it was delicious, so I then decided to try it on top of my waffles, I sprinkled it on top of the syrup and WOW it was super Yummy! I will now have to buy a whole jar!

Well to be honest, we're talking waffles here. What doesn't go with waffles? But we do have that jar ready for you when you're ready!